Postscript to the Genny Wood Fine Art Show

On behalf of the Wood’s family, the Mission House, and your Genny Wood board members Greta Faulkinberry, Katherine Bunce, and Sharon Starwalt, we thank you for your support, participation, and donations to the silent auction through the years, but all things have to come to an eventual end.  You can be proud in that through the years we have heard such wonderful compliments  about the art and work you displayed!  Top notch!  It’s been an honor to work with each of you and hope to still see you from time to time at other art venues.  It was you who made the show a success!

We have been called the best art show in all of East Texas.  Last year was our eleventh and last year for the show.  Due to changes in the BUMC fellowship hall adding a contemporary early service and reconstruction of the use of the gym we are no longer able to fit the show into the space given us.  We just appreciate and thank the congregation for all the years the church has provided us with a wonderful place and with people who supported us and worked hard to make it the success it was for God’s work in the Mission House providing food, clothing, and medical services for His people of need!  Both the Mission House and art show originated out of the Bullard First United Methodists Church.  Thank you to David Brashear, Tammy Woodard, and the Church Board of Administration.

I don’t have to tell you how hard we worked to make it a beautiful, organized, and friendly show.  It took a lot of people to put it on every year. Eleven years also added eleven years to our ages.   Some of us have health issues which make it very hard to fulfill our obligations to the show.  
We honored Genny in a way I never thought we could.  She is looking down and saying “Good Job, Now Rest!”

The Mission House is still going strong and will have to come up with another fundraiser!  We are run by donations and fundraisers using all volunteers!

I want to thank again all the artists who donated their beautiful artwork for the walls of the new Mission House a while back.  They will be admired by many people for lots of years to come.  Nothing like original art to grace the walls of a building.  Some of these people using the facilities have never had the opportunity to view and enjoy artwork!

Thank you to Barbara Odom and her crew in the kitchen and the many who baked goods for the bake sell, Francis Cox, Martha Dinwiddie, Alma McBride, Nelda Perry, Joyce Streely, Laura Gene Newburn, Norma Ott, Beth Wilson, Theresa Sheldon, Dollie Thibodeaux, Nell Head, Erin Ricks, Gay Lynn Emerine, Patty Foose, Jerry Jones, Virginia Ashcraft, Shannon Jones, Alice Simpson, Elizabeth White, Kathleen Kyles, Dottie Rowell, Marilyn Tietz, Margo Moore, Patsy Harper, and Margaret ( Hazel’s daughter ).   I hope I forgot no one, please forgive me I’m having to do this by memory over eleven years!  I elected not to add names more than once, some baked along with volunteering to set up or provided music, etc.!

Thank you to the many entertainers Katherine was able get through the years especially the Brook Hill Orchestra, Kerry Baham, Diane Fritsche, Robert and Emily Boren, Al and Kathy Alvizo, Michael Morse, and many, many more!  Thank you also goes out to the Bullard High School and Brook Hill High School Art Departments for displaying their work during the show. Thank you to Sharon’s crew working the cash table, Kathy Diduch and Kelly Wood.  Thank you to Bullard Austin Bank, Bullard Texas National Bank, Brunos, Brookshires, Progress Cleaners, and Flowers by Sue for their donations.

I want to thank Johnny Bishop, Gary LeVrier, Craig Gaylor, Landon Grogan., Greg Nordyke, Gene Bunce, Jack Starwalt, John Faulkinberry, Milton Odom, Richard Dinwiddie, Jonathan Leung, Bruce Woodard, ( Mission House Founders ) Dean and Hazel Mason, Margaret Anne,  Debi Holderby, Belva LeVrier, Cynthia Grogan, Debbie Gaylor, Maggie Nordyke, Jaimie Jensen, Maylena Williams, John Jones, Brian Vestal, Rob Sheldon, Mike Dunklin, Patti Maxwell, Mary Kay Bailey and Venus Burns ( all three representing the church ) and the many, many unnamed volunteers who helped through the years, you know who you are!  These volunteers wore several different hats and would have been named on this list several times.  

So you see it wasn’t some kind of small production!  It took a Village!  It started out with the three of us and in eleven years grew to this.  

Thank you to Bill Wood Sr., Bill Wood Jr., and family who supported us and allowed us to do the show each year!   Bill and son took the time to hang Genny’s beautiful artwork every year which made the room come alive and say “We Are Ready Let the Show Begin”!

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