SAVE THE DATE: The 11th Annual Genny Wood Fine Art Show is November 3rd

SAVE THE DATE:   THE 11th ANNUAL GENNY WOOD FINE ART SHOW IS NOVEMBER 3rd, 9:00-5:00 – at the Bullard FIrst United Methodist Church Family Life Center.   This is a fundraiser for the Mission House of Bullard which provides food, clothing, and  medical services for people of need.   Showcasing  ( 30 or more  artists ) artists from surrounding areas with their paintings ( all medias ), drawings, woodturning, pottery, jewelry, unusual mosaics, textiles, pens, authors, photography and more.  There is room for your art if you would like  to join us.  Entertainment and lunch are provided.    Free indoor show!
Notify me ASAP if you are interested as an artist participant in the show.  This gives you a chance to be in the show!  There are going to be limits in the ALCHOL INK and ACRYLIC POUR media’s, as there were too many of them last year.
Greta Faulkinberry   903-530-3812

It’s time to fill the slate of artists!
The registration is $45.00!  Lunch is included!  ( This show is held as a fundraiser for the Mission House which is a charity which provides clothing, food, medical services for people of need. ) ( people without insurance )
November 3rd during the Red, White, and Blue Festival in Bullard, Texas at the First United Methodist Church Family Life Center.


It was 11years ago when the art show ( fundraiser for the Mission House ) began and a lot has changed.  We now have a new Mission House that is large enough to hold the food pantry, clothes closet, and the clinic, all under one roof, with plenty of room to grow, built with hard work and your donations.  You can still donate for the daily operations of the MH and the extra projects the MH carries out throughout the year, like Christmas gifts for the children of need, who otherwise would not receive anything, and the emergency help for clients needed for gas and water bills, etc………………   We have several new people who volunteer in the Mission House.  The Mission House was started in the Bullard First United Methodist Church and now has its own 501 3c.  If you are interested in donating or volunteering email me and I can send you to the right contact.

It was the year 2007 when Sharon Starwalt, Katherine Bunce, and myself got word that our art teacher and dearest friend, Genny Wood, was dying with cancer and only had a few months to live.  That night I couldn’t get Genny off my mind.  I thought about the good times we had in her classroom and the times spent working at the Mission House together.  I thought about her families’ loss and our dear Bill, what would he do?  For you see so many people loved them.  I remembered the time Genny told us she always had dreams of doing something for the town of Bullard, an art gallery or antique shop venue.  Those were things, outside of her God, Country, family, and friends, that were important to her.  She spent many years teaching art in schools and mentoring up and coming artists.  Anyway, back to the night I couldn’t sleep.  I don’t think I realized it that night but I do now, God was the culprit why I couldn’t sleep.  He put on my heart that night a great responsibility, one I didn’t know where to start.  I was to put on an art show in Genny’s honor with the Mission House benefiting from the sales.  All night I would have questions and the answers would be there.  First things first, I called my sweet capable friends who loved Genny and were her students and also worked in the Mission House, Sharon and Katherine.  They immediately said count me in.  Then I went to the preacher, as we wanted to hold it in the gym, another vision that was put on my heart.  He said sounded like a good idea but he had visited Genny that morning and he said if we were going to do it we needed to do it right away as she was getting worse.  The next step we went with our plans to get permission from Bill and Genny.  They were very honored and humbled that we would even think about it.  They were counted in.  Genny helped us with names of artists and friends she wanted to be there.  She furnished addresses and gave us her suggestions.  This was in August.  We had 3 months to put this show on.  We decided the date would be during the Red, White, and Blue Festival in November.  We were able to get a full slate of artists. (which said a lot about Genny)  she was so excited but about a week before the show, she started going down real fast.  We wanted her there as much as she wanted to be there, but was not able.  Family took turns coming to the show and staying by her bedside.  Although she was not there, there were touches of her everywhere and she was truly there in spirit.  The show was a success and one we will always remember.  After we cleaned up and packed away everything, the three of us went to tell Genny all about it.  We sat up in the bed where she was lying and told her all about it.  She was in and out as she was so weak but every now and then she would think of someone she wanted to know if they were there.  This went on for about thirty minutes and then it was time for us to leave.  Three days later we lost Genny.  She gave Bullard more than we could have ever dreamed.  The Genny Wood Art Show is on it’s 10th year and is growing.  We  have a committee which serves patrons an Italian Cuisine and raises a good bit of money while doing it.  We have added lots of volunteers as the show has outgrown the three of us.

God put it on my heart the  need to bring honor to Genny and raise funds for His Mission!   Everyone working at the Mission House and art show are volunteers.  You can volunteer as well and join our big family!

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